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For those who like real and lovely stories.

Welcome in Montanari Group. How many times have you read the whole story of a company?

This time we invite you to pause a little more.

We give you a story, a real story nice to read. This story speaks about traction machines and it starts in Italy. This is a story made of men, gearboxes, lifts, travels, cities, life. Big stories (almost) always start with simple men.

Have you ever get the feeling that stories are hidden around the corner waiting for someone to bring them to life? A nice and beautiful story standing by for a protagonist. This has to be born in that way.

In 2020 we celebrated 50 years of activity. Visit the dedicated section: 50 Years of Montanari

[icon_timeline timeline_style=”jstime”][icon_timeline_item time_title=”1970 – The Beginning” heading_tag=”h2″]

It was in Modena, one day in 1970.

A man, who we will call under his real name, Giulio Montanari, went towards his story.

Sure, he did not imagine how this would have work but he bravely faced it; and as any gentleman, a brave and valiant lady, named Orianna, embarked on this path beside him.

The two with a dream and a great desire to make it, looked beyond the horizon with confidence and (certainly) a dash of worry and opened their garage door starting this new adventure. (Have you ever thought about many big companies were really born in a garage?).

How did it go?

We could continue here, but we thought it is better to leaf through the pages!

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”1970 – 1980″ heading_tag=”h2″]

So, it was exactly in that garage that the first traction pulleys saw the light…small handcrafted pieces.

It was the time of the economic boom; Italy was growing fast.

Day after day with patience, satisfactions paying off.

Investments in that years meant sacrifice tasting acrid like the sweat and metallic like the cast iron.

1975, the year of the first gearbox. Their names were just acronyms: M78 – M75 – M83. They looked like racecars, but the ride this time was vertical relieving people of the upper levels.

Now, the garage became small and the two decided to move in 9.000 sqm. A big step forward.

The new huge space was full of machines and people that worked there for bringing back dreams and hope.
That land was rumbling. A land of motors in a world that runs hard and fast.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”1980 – 1990″ heading_tag=”h2″]

Design, production and quality!

In Italy as well as abroad. We are an international company.

Now the market wants and praises the Montanari Giulio brand.

The company grows. The products range gets wider providing to the lift market over 12 gearboxes models.

The key word now is Invest!

The whole Italy travels vertically and often the heart pulsating is that of the Montanari brand. A lift as a human body.

A machine able to break down the architectural barriers and to make attractive penthouses and buildings.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”1990 – 2000″ heading_tag=”h2″]

In 1996, we became ISO 9001 to ensure even more our commitment to quality.

From Emilia to Lombardy. We have decided to produce on our own also the electric motors for the gearboxes.

In 1997, we have founded the Elemol in Lodi. We preside over 90% of the production.

The architecture evolves, the flow of people to the cities increases, and consequently the market lift changes and starts to be shaped according to the new developments. While on the horizon the new Gearless has appeared. Montanari has responded with the MDD model, launched during the Interlift exhibition in 1999.

We excellently manage projects for both new installations and modernization thanks to the particular know how that distinguishes us since the beginning. Valued partners for multinationals and private manufacturers as well. A reference point for maintainers, suppliers and installers.

1999 is remembered also for the EN 81-1 recording an important revision concerning safety.

Thanks to our Technical Manager, we are on the front line for regulations discussion and changes.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2000 – 2010″ heading_tag=”h2″]

Step by step, year after year, it is over 30 years ago that we have opened that garage door.

The new millennium has offered new markets and opportunities, more competition.

We have chosen quality without compromise investing in modern machines. At the end of this decade, the plant will be more than 32.000 sqm.

Now, the invisible part of the lift is increasingly under the Montanari brand; beyond the metal sheet walls there is a wonderful world that is hidden: gearboxes (Penta, RQ, M109) and gearless (MCG, MG), speed governors, safety gears, rope attachments, frames and much more.

It is time to face the Indian market. In 2008 Montanari Lifts Components was founded in India to live and win this Indian challenge. There, we produce for the Indian market creating jobs and developing skills.

We have invested in that country through a modern company transmitting the same philosophy of the parent company that guides the processes and the growth.

A few years later, the same approach will guide the arrival in the Chinese empire.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2010 – Today” heading_tag=”h2″]

In 2011, we have lost the cornerstone of our company. We had to say good-bye to Orianna, a precious part of our story.

There is place just for tears, silence, greetings and memories.

She marked the evolution, the development and the growth of the company since the foundation.

Through the words of those who knew her we can imagine the unforgettable sign she left.

Our capacity and knowledge are the embryo from which these new two flagships have developed and grown.

The made in Italy excellence and the safety culture are exported to the markets in the vertical transport

Modena, Pune, Shanghai under the same brand: quality, reliability and durability.

Distance that divides us from these countries is significant and for being competitive, it is necessary to be and work actively in the country.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”The Future” heading_tag=”h2″]

Lift market experiences a rapid evolution and companies are following these changes.

Italy has lost his first place as nation with the highest number of lifts in the world, passed by China (sooner or later it would happen) but still the first in Europe and in other continents.

Projections on urban development published by the World Economic Forum provide us a scenario in which migration from rural areas to the cities will intensify gradually.

In 2017, we became Montanari Group for embracing under the same name all reality belonging to us and the quality distinguishing us. Made by Montanari is a synonymous of guarantee.

We are preparing for celebrating 50 years proud and happy of what we have built together.
We look ahead with the same ambition and desire that brought us this far.

There is a beating heart inside each Montanari Product!