Narrow base RG speed governor with limit switch. 200 mm pulley with test groove. It is both mono and bidirectional and may be applied to the cab's safety gear or to the counterweight. Rated speed: 0,15 - 0,30 m/s TUV approved according to the lift safety regulations: EN 81-20: 2014 - EN 81-50: 2014 - EN 21-50: 2018. Accessories:
  • remote control; this configuration does not allow to use the cover.

Rated speed: 0,15 – 0,30 m/s

Pulley: 200 mm

Ropes: 6 – 6,5 mm

Upside-down installation: no

Home Lift: no

Drive system: harpoon

Standard Base: bolt holes pitch circle = 139 mm


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