PPR25BD - PPR40BD: Two-way progressive safety gears.


  • standard frame
  • cantilevered frame

Guides thickness: 8 - 16 mm

P+Q max according to the guides manufacturing:


  • Dry machined guides (LS) : Min 568 - Max 3.002kg
  • Lubricated machined guides (LO): Min 605 - Max 2.864 kg
  • Dry drawn guides (TS): Min 716 - 2.561 kg
  • Lubricated drawn guides (TO): Min 601 - 2.919 kg


  • Dry machined guides (LS) : Min 3.002 - Max 3.997 kg
  • Lubricated machined guides (LO): Min 2.865 - Max 4.009 kg
  • Dry drawn guides (TS): Min 2.562 - 4.662 kg
  • Lubricated drawn guides (TO): Min 2.920 - 4.638 kg

Functioning: Braking the cab or the counterweight by means of knurled roller and insert operating downwards and upwards.

Fixing: Fix through the side plates or directly with the two bearing pins. Connect the 2 safety guard units together using a steel torsion bar. The square section must have a 20 mm side. The best assembly solution is the floating one because the two devices are free to move orthogonally to the axis of the guides.

It is possible to mount the cantilevered safety gear in a fixed way while this is not allowed for the standard one.  

Optional: electrical contact for safety gear units, provision for sliding shoes/safety device, group levers by type, connecting rod, rope attachment.

Each item code corresponds to a pair of safety gears.

Cab speed: 2,29 m/s

Tripping speed: 2,63 m/s

Ref.catalogue: Tab 283.10 – 283.11 – 283.12 – 283.11

Force to be applied to the lever: Min140 – Max 900 N


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