PP65: One-way progressive safety gear for lifts and goods hoists.

Guide thickness: 14 - 16 mm

P+Q max according to the guides manufacturing:

  • Drawn, lubricated and dry guides (TOS): Min 1,620 - Max 6,450 kg
  • Machined, lubricated and dry guides (LOS): Min 2,080 - Max 6,370 kg

Functioning: Braking by means of wedge jaws operating only downwards.

Fixing: Fix through the side plates or directly with the two bearing pins. Connect the 2 safety guard units together using a steel torsion bar. The square section must have a 16 mm side.

Each item code corresponds to a pair of safety gears.

Cab speed: 2.8 m/s

Tripping speed: 3.22 m/s

Ref.catalogue: Tab286

Force to be applied to the lever: Min140 – Max 900 N


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