One-way progressive safety gear KB40 for lifts, goods hoists and vertical warehouses. 


  • standard frame
  • cantilevered frame

Guides thickness: 11 - 16 or 7 - 10 mm.

P+Q max according to the guides manufacturing:

  • Dry machined guides (LS) : Min 582 - Max 4.300 kg
  • Lubricated machined guides(LO): Min 635 - Max 4.190 kg
  • Dry drawn guides (TS): Min 638 - 3.469 kg
  • Lubricated drawn guides (TO): Min 626 - 2.813 kg

Functioning: It is used to stop the cab or the counterweight only downwards. Each braking device consists of a movable wedge and a sliding shoe supported by disc springs that regulate the braking force.

Fixing: on the frame, up or down, according to the fixing diagrams in the manual.

It is possible to mount the cantilevered safety gear in a fixed way while this is not allowed for the standard one.  

Optional: device with plates, connecting rod, group of levers, contact with manual reset, contact with automatic reset, rope attachment.

Each item code corresponds to a pair of safety gears.

Cab speed: 2 m/s

Tripping speed: 2,88 m/s

Ref. catalogue: Tab287 – 287.1

Force on drive pivot: Min 150 – Max 900 N


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