MGX90ĒLEVO - a new flat gearless by Montanari.

The Montanari engineering department has increased power density by 25% for this new traction machine for lifts. As a result, we achieved a lighter gearless, compared to others on the market for the same load ranges, with benefits in terms of installation and cost optimisation.

Enjoy the advantages of gearbox and gearless in the same machine: the MGX90ĒLEVO is a perfect synthesis of safety and comfort for a wide range of applications including 630 and 480 kg 1:1!

Key features:

  • Torque moment: 825 Nm – S5 – 40%ED – 180 s/h.
  • For installations reporting a static load up to 3.000 kg and capacities up to 1.250 kg roping 2:1 and 630 kg roping 1:1.
  • Through the lever system for brake release, just one operator can perform the emergency operations.

Provided with levers for manual release, power cable already connected and encoder cable. (Special connector on request).

Short circuit torque is always higher than the rated one in order to perform emergency operations in complete safety. The mechanically redundant brake with double magnetic circuit is certified for excessive speed uphill and against uncontrolled movements of the cab.

Typical application: Machine Room

  • 1:1 – 630 kg – traction pulley 400 mm
  • 1:1 – 480 kg – traction pulley 480/520 mm
  • 2:1 – 1.250 kg – traction pulley 400 mm

Static load: 3.000 kg downward load;
Capacity: 1.250 kg 2:1 – 630 kg 1:1
Torque moment: 825 Nm – S5 – 40%ED – 180 s/h
Pulley: 400 – 480 – 520 mm
Gearless weight: 340 kg

Voltage: 360 – 210 V




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