New Montanari Gearless range.

MGV34S is the first of the range. It stands out for use flexibility, silence and wide pulleys choice.

Key features:

  • Torque moment: 900 Nm – S5 – 40%ED – 180 s/h.
  • For installations reporting a static load up to 5.000 kg and capacities up to 1,600 kg, 3 m/s roping 2:1
  • Use with or without machine room. Discover the MR Switch Kit.
  • Cooling fans.
  • Cantilevered pulley.
  • Brake levers & remote control for emergency operations supplied as standard.
  • For machine roomless version,  provided with power cable already connected and encoder cable. (Special connector on request).
  • Pulleys with different dimensions of that listed in the catalogue, upon request.

Short circuit torque is always higher than the rated one in order to perform emergency operations in complete safety.

The mechanically redundant brake with double magnetic circuit is certified for excessive speed uphill and against uncontrolled movements of the cab.

Typical application: Machine Room & Roomless

Static load: 5.000 kg downward load; 3,500 kg lateral & upward load
Maximum range: 1,600 kg 2:1
Torque moment: 900 Nm – S5 – 40ED – 180 av/h
Pulley: 240 – 320 – 400 – 480 – 520 mm
Gearless weight: 472 kg

Voltage: 360 – 210 V


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