M83T Montanari gearbox with drum for lifts without counterweight.

Installation features:

  • Top or down gearbox
  • Right or left hand
  • Parallel or converging worms.

The cylinder of the drum is available in different sizes according to the winding ( ride and extraride).

Maximum winding (ride and extraride) equal to 27 meters for drum 400 mm.

Ropes diameter 9, 10 mm.

Available also with double drum.


Capacity / Traction force: 646 kg max
Reduction ratios: 1/50
Oil capacity: 4,5 l sintetico
Gearbox weight: 169 kg

Motor: VVF 4 poles / 5,5 – 7,5 kW – AC2 4/16 poles / 5,9 – 6,6 – 7,4 kW


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