M73ES for escalators is a gearbox installed in commercial buildings such as department stores, multilevel shopping centers, hotels, multiplex cinemas, ferries, etc. Montanari braking system: for safety reasons, the brake is on the slow shaft between the gearbox and the motor. Main features:
  • Suitable for continuous use: ribbed frame allowing heat dissipation.
  • Gearbox efficiency: S1 - 100%ED.
  • Flange and shaft with standard dimensions, compatible with the motors on the market.
  • Slow shaft easy to fit in pinions for standard chain.
  • Shaft output: right or left.
  • Up to 7.5 kW.
Typical applications:
  • 0,5 m/s - 30° inclination.
  • Capacity: 3.600/6.000 persons per hour.
  • Step dimension: 600 - 800 - 1.000 mm.
  • Ride difference in height: 3 - 6 mt.

Motor: 5,5 – 7,5 kW

Efficiency: High Traffic – S1 – 100%ED

Oil: synthetic ISO VG460

IP: 55

Brake: 2×140 Nm





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