Now! You can also use Montanari gearboxes for lifts to be installed in explosive or potential hazardous environments!

Our technical department has developed solutions that extend the use of the range in AtEx installations.

How are AtEx projects developed?

Everything is tailor-made according to the installation features. The traction machines, for example, have a
dedicated brake unit and IP 65.
The AtEx range:  M83-M85; M93 – M95M98; M105M109

Click on the model names and access the ‘standard’ product pages to find out about load range and
installation features. The products, once selected, are configured for suitable use by making technical
adaptations according to project requirements.

Download the Montanari certificate attesting the eligibility of “Equipment or Protective Systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU”.

Where can an AtEx Montanari gearbox be installed?

This is the “identification” code and below its interpretation.
II 2 G Ex h IIC T4 Gb – II 2 D Ex h IIIC 135 °C Db

Group 2 (II)

Defines equipment to be installed above ground in potentially explosive environment.

The Category

Within Group II, Montanari gearboxes are inside categories 2 and 3. The letters following the
numbers indicate use in environments with gases, vapours or mists – G or with a mixture of air and
combustible dusts – D.
Going into more detail:
• 2G or 2D: if an explosive atmosphere is likely to form. Protection level ʻhighʼ (zone 1 or 21);
• 3G or 3D: in the total absence or only brief presence of a potential explosive atmosphere.
Protection level ʻnormalʼ (zone 2 or 22).

The Zones

There are 3 indicated by the digits: 0, 1 and 2. 0 indicates the actual explosive area. 1 and 2
indicate the potentially explosive area in case of certain local and operational conditions.
Want to know more? Read the full text of the standard.

Case History
To date, AtEx Montanari gearboxes are installed in the following industries and geographical zones:
– Offshore oil and gas installations in the Middle East
– Sugar factories in Africa
– Chemical plants in Europe
– Aerospace Research Centre in Asia.

Which applications are possible?
The following is a list identifying some of the areas in which an AtEx gearbox can be used.
– Petrol stations for motor vehicles or service stations
– Refineries, platforms and oil processing plants
– Mobile and stationary offshore drilling units
– Chemical processing plants
– Renewable energy sources/fuels
– Ships / vessels using gas or other low flashpoint fuels
– Printing, paper and textile industries
– Hospital operating theatres
– Aircraft and hangar refuelling
– Surface coating industries
– Waste water treatment plants
– Grain handling and storage
– Sugar refineries.

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