How it works

Work different!
Use montanariapp, save time and improve efficiency!
Montanari app is always at your service, 24/7 without limits of time or place.
Manage your products from delivery to installation and maintenance from a single tool in total autonomy: certificates, manuals, declarations, inverters, tutorials and much more.
Everything at your disposal and linked to the specific product/serial number.

Mobile version (iOS and Android): read the QR on the product label if you work in the lift system or on the case if you work in logistics and want to check the content without opening the package.

Desktop version: if you work in the office, click the link on the pdf you receive by email and automatically access the portal directly from your PC.
If you are accessing for the first time, create an account with username and password.

Key Features

Download the app or log in from your desktop and register for the first time.

If you already have an account, sign in. Remember, the login credentials are the same for both mobile and desktop.

Where can I find the QR?

On the label of gearboxes, gearless, speed governors and safety gears, in the pdf you receive by email or on the case (only for gearboxes,gearless, and speed governors).

Manuals and video tutorials

Download the manual for the product and any additional components, and when necessary, follow the video tutorials available in the FAQ section.

Certificates, declarations, reports

Download in a few clicks and add them to your folder. All of them are already filled with the data of the specific product.


Inverter Configurator - Only Mobile

Configuring the inverter becomes a game! You can find the list and parameters of the most frequently used inverters on the market. What if it is not listed? Send us the data and we will add it.

Lift check - Mobile only

This unique feature allows you to assess the correct balance.

Contact technical support - Only Mobile

You can send technical support requests directly from the app. The system automatically associates the product data and optimizes the intervention time.

Reminder - Mobile only

Say goodbye to paper and schedule your regular plant maintenance directly from the app. A lean and efficient way of organizing your work.

App Desktop

App Mobile

App available for Android and iOS. 

Video Tutorial app mobile