Welcome to the Innovation Era with Montanari Gearless and Butterfly IoT

A new perspective for your business opportunities in the lifts world.

Butterfly is the revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) developed by the Montanari Technical Department.

The Benefits of Butterfly IoT Montanari and how it works:

Excellence in Service: It elevates the standard of your installation and maintenance services. With Butterfly, you provide your customers with an experience that is like no other, increasing their trust, satisfaction, and thus long-term retention.

Remote Monitoring and Intelligent Alerts: Supervise and monitor your elevator system from anywhere.
The advanced technology of Butterfly alerts you in real time, directly on your smartphone or computer.

Future Planning: Prepare your business today for the challenges of tomorrow. Butterfly gives you the necessary information to plan more efficient and high-performing systems.

Increased Sales and Profits: Take advantage of new market opportunities through more efficient management.

Minimize Wastes: Optimize resources use and reduce operating costs. Using smart data you can anticipate and prevent breakdowns, keeping your lift system in optimal condition and reducing maintenance costs. Use data analytics to design more efficient solutions and reduce future costs.

Prevention and Prediction
With our state-of-the-art technology, you can promptly intervene, significantly reducing lift stop and the related inconveniences. System downtime is in fact one of the most inconvenient events for users. Lifts are solutions installed to improve the accessibility and livability of private and public spaces. People who can no longer take the stairs, families carrying small children in strollers, elderly people, residents with shopping bags, etc..

Prevent “Lift Stop”: Intervene before breakdowns occur and use intelligent data to anticipate and solve potential problems. Optimize Operations: prior knowledge of lift status makes interventions more efficient.

Increased safety for elevators with and without machine room (MR – MRL).

The verification of rope and brake slip becomes independent. – a patent pending feature.
In MRL systems generally rope and/or brake slip is detected when these parameters are in an advanced state and potential damage high. The system detects periodically and well in advance in order to avoid harm to passengers and goods, as well as lift stop*.
A revolutionary innovation for systems without a machine room (MRL) where these actions require real effort from the operators, but also for those with a machine room. The Data* can be comfortably consulted from your smartphone or while sitting in front of your PC.

Efficiency and Sustainability: Thanks to the IoT system, it is possible to detect the consumption of the system, but especially to detect when it has acted as a generator and thus understand the real balance between energy consumed and energy injected into the system.
IMPORTANT: It can also be applied to other Montanari gearless already installed or in stock.

Why Butterfly?
The name Butterfly as a synonym for the transformation and innovation that the system brings to the business. The butterfly is the symbol we chose for this service. The box lies on the machine, just like a butterfly, and from there thousands of details come out and are processed by our algorithm to be delivered in a useful way through the control panel. The symbol is also understood as an element of transformation. Metamorphosis. From a caterpillar, you can get a beautiful butterfly just as from a simple, seemingly box, you can get a very valuable result to cultivate and seize new business opportunities.

Think inside the Box.
A claim against what is commonly said, with a double meaning: The box that enables you to collect and process data, but also the box understood as the head of those who design and choose an agile and intelligent way of working. Work Smarter, not Harder.

Continuous Innovation: the Montanari Butterfly IoT system represents a further technological innovation in the range of services offered to elevator operators. Solutions capable of generating an unparalleled competitive advantage.

What is the Internet of Things?
It is the solution that allows devices to “talk” using connection to the Internet. Through a program that is designed to measure, important data can be obtained, and the traction machine thus becomes a resource for managing the elevator.

*Important: The Montanari IoT system does not replace the periodic inspections prescribed by standards in terms of elevator installation and maintenance. It is a valuable ally at the service of operators to improve the quality, safety and timeliness of intervention.

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